Surveillance and monitoring of your home or workplace can be extremely beneficial. Tektronix Technologies can assist you in running cable, installing, configuring and maintaining your DVR system. DVR Dubai Cameras are available for indoor and outdoors, daytime and nighttime. If you need to record audio too; no problem! Traditional video recording system made use of tapes and the contemporary technology has transformed recording system digital. The digital videos are recorded with inclusive of texts; any portion of video can be viewed by rewind, or fast-forward. Selection of an ideal DVR termed digital video recorder depends on the quality of brand, memory card, and total number channels accommodating DVR. A digital video recorder with 5 channels can record 5 cameras. Commercially Digital Video Recording is available in three forms, Stand-Alone, Set Top Box, and Computer DVR. DVR Dubai

    DVR helps in multiplexing or showing multiple cameras on a single screen as well as recording the video data. The analogue video signal is converted to digital data and compressed to store data. Motion detection facility is available in the DVR to record only on motion to save hard disk capacity. The display is normally real time and the recording rates can be different for different models from 400 fps/ 200 fps or 100 fps for PAL system. Recording can be set for 1CIF, 2CIF or D1 formats with different levels of quality settings. Mobile Digital Video Recorder which are specifically designed for vehicle CCTV and taxi CCTV use and are purpose built to operate in vehicles.


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